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Mobile, Offline Data Collection for Field Inspections, Research, & COMPLIANCE.

Lose the clipboard and take your team’s field data collection to the next level. Compliance? Inspections? Trials? The Zerion team is in your corner. We are problem solvers and make a difference. Check out how iFormBuilder can transform the way you do business.

The Zerion Experience: IMAGINE A BETTER WAY.

Zerion Software is comprised of innovators, problem solvers and builders, committead to empowering teams around the world in multiple industries to improve quality, compliance and safety while accelerating better decision making through the building of enterprise-level data workflows and fully integrated solutions.

Most importantly, we are fully vested in the success of our customers. We thrive in partnering with internal IT teams, serving as a sixth man, focused on removing headaches while improving processes.

Why Choose ZERION?

Best in Class Support

Never face a challenge alone. Our team is available to troubleshoot and problem-solve alongside yours.

True Flexibility

One size never fits all. Customize your forms and where your data goes after collection to meet your needs.

Well-Equipped Teams

Send your teams into the field with the technology they need on the devices they already carry.
You’re in the Right Place

iFormBuilder: Mobile, Offline, AND FLEXIBLE

Zerion Software provides flexible mobile data solutions that begin with datacollection and enable digital transformation. If you’re an enterprise-level company performing field data collection for research, safety and compliance, utility work, or inspections, we have the solution – and support – you’re looking for.

There’s no substitute for experience. We have over a decade of experience working belly-to-belly to help teams of all sizes reach their enterprise goals through the leveraging of iFormBuilder.

An Element for Every Need

Customize your forms with over 35 different elements. Create lists, annotate photos, record GPS, and more.

Collect Data Offline
No connection? No problem. Download your forms and collect data anywhere. Data is synced when you’re back in coverage.
Enterprise API
Work faster and smarter, building custom integrations for data processing, connecting with other applications, and automatically managing your iFormBuilder account.
Unleash the Power of JavaScript
Push the boundaries of mobile data collection with JavaScript-enabled formulas, skip logic, and data validation. The only limit is your imagination!
Unmatched Security
Protect your data with device passwords, encryption, and private environments. iFormBuilder supports GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 9001 project needs.
WE ARE PEOPLE PEOPLE! We Love Making Our Client’s Lives Better!
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