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Digital Transformation for Seed Trials

Mar 8, 2021

The Zerion team works with groups in a variety of industries across the world.

However, over time, a certain “cluster effect” has taken place in one specific space: agriculture. In fact, we’ve been able to help teams – specifically teams performing seed trials – radically improve processes, finding and achieving the digital transformation they’ve been dreaming of with measurable results and positive impacts.

Some of the most notable outcomes our clients have achieved include:

  • Simplifying field trials,
  • Making data collection more efficient (cutting time in the field on each form by up to 66%),
  • Increasing data integrity (by reducing errors),
  • Instantly transferring data,
  • Producing deliverables and reports for customers and progress tracking,

And so much more!

It All Starts by Looking Back

For those in the agriculture industry, paper has been the standard for initial data collection and information tracking. Due to a lack of targeted, customizable solutions, and decreased connection capabilities – especially in the field – collecting data relating to growing conditions, trials, key soil factors and more has been a challenge, requiring a reliance on what has always worked, even if it’s not the most efficient from a process standpoint.

Even for major producers and agricultural corporations, duplicate processes and manual data entry have been hurdles that have seemed insurmountable for some time.

Slowly, technology has become available, from connected farming equipment to mobile solutions, that has simplified various processes. Unfortunately, due to a lack of customization, many professionals still lack the flexibility needed to truly automate processes, save time and improve results.

That’s no longer the case. Mobile solutions that eliminate the reliance on pen and paper data collection and the inherent problems this method presents while providing targeted data that meets the specific needs of agriculture professionals are available through Zerion.

The Foundation of Digital Transformation: Good Data

Using Zerion’s signature product, iFormBuilder, agriculture teams can create and work with forms that are easily customized to include the data points that are required to improve various practices, from quality assurance inspections to plot management and beyond. Additionally, information from sensors and other tools can be integrated into the system and included in various databases.

Through an automated workflow, this data can be then be transmitted into live reports that are easy to view, allowing you to modify practices and react to a variety of situations and conditions in real time. No duplicate efforts, manual transcription sorting, human analyzation – or the delays inherent with each of these practices – required.

  • Trust-No-One Security. Data collected in iFormBuilder is secure, trusted by some of the most regulated industries in the world. You can be sure your data is safe at all times.
  • On- and Off-the-Grid Functionality. Data collected using iFormBuilder when an internet connection is not available can be synced with the rest of the data when a connection becomes available. Even the most remote field locations can benefit from iFormBuilder.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface. With simple drag and drop functionality, forms can be created in a matter of minutes for a variety of needs.
  • Top-of-the-Line Support. Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to the success of our clients. Need training? Implementation support? Answers to questions? We’re here to help.
  • Optional Dedicated Databases. Ensuring data is safe and accessible is a top priority, made possible with optional dedicated databases.
  • GPS and Location Information. Each record collected with iFormBuilder includes metadata, including username, time, date, latitude, longitude, speed and compass direction.
  • A Powerful API. Using our API, you can redefine the way data flows through your organization by creating bidirectional integrations with your existing enterprise systems. 
  • Cross Platform Functionality (iOS and Android). iFormBuilder functions on iOS and Android operating systems, meaning you can work with the digital devices you already have access to. 
  • Countless Integration Options. Your solutions don’t need to stand alone. iFormBuilder integrates with other industry-leading solutions to provide full-scale functionality and tighter data security.

The benefits of reducing the reliance on standard data collection tools and processes include:

  • Reduced errors. When data that’s collected in the field must be manually entered into a digital format, the chance for simple transcription errors are great. 
  • Fewer missed data points. Relying on pen and paper or standard digital solutions heightens the chance that a datapoint will be missed.
  • Higher levels of efficiency. Reducing duplicate efforts and the reliance on solutions that are not customized allows you to focus on what matters most: accurate record-keeping, stabilizing field and soil conditions, improving yields and product tracking and delivery.

In short: using the right technology, specifically, mobile data collection solutions for seed trials, agricultural teams really can achieve digital transformation.

We would be thrilled to talk more about your team’s specific needs, and to provide a custom walk through of what an end solution might look like for your team, an end solution that removes paper and duplicate data entry altogether.

If you’d like to learn more, email our team at sales (@) zerionsoftware.com, or, start a free trial today. If digital transformation is your goal, the right tool could make all the difference.

Here’s to a better way!

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