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Electronic thermometer for measuring body temperature. Set of electronic thermometer, rectal, oral and glass mercury on gray background.

Bluetooth Temperature Tracking Integrations: A Game Changer

Jul 21, 2020

Since the COVID pandemic struck, very few processes look the same. In fact, even getting started for the day and interacting with customers and employees has changed for most industries.

Caution – especially as it relates to fever and temperature tracking – is more important than ever before. For this reason, many organizations have resorted to tracking temperatures as patients, employees, customers, and others, enter a given building or workspace and throughout the day.

Sure, taking temperatures is easy enough – even if it requires a modification in staffing – however, what if there was a better way: one that increased the safety measures you had in place, cut down on erroneous entries, and allowed for better tracking of interactions should a positive COVID incident occur?

It Starts with Bluetooth Thermometer and iFormBuilder Integrations

All these outcomes are possible, but only when a thermometer is more than a thermometer, when it’s backed by data that’s both actionable and secure, data made possible with iFormBuilder.

Up until this point, many groups have scrambled to put temperature tracking solutions in place. Most times, this means taking a temperature before an individual enters a building and either letting them in or sending them home, or writing the temperature down before admitting. This may solve an immediate need, but, leaves room for many shortcomings including:

  • Incorrect readings being recorded that do not match the temperature reading on the device.
  • Missed readings.
  • A lack of the ability to track temperatures – and potential contact among employees – over time.
  • And more.

By utilizing a Bluetooth thermometer that is integrated with a full-scale data solution and customized dashboards, you can overcome each of these shortcomings, without adding time or effort to your process. In fact, you can save time and energy if paper data collection is a part of your current solution.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Currently, the iFormBuilder platform can integrate with a variety of Bluetooth thermometer devices. If your team is interested in this functionality, or, you have questions about what this may look like for your needs, contact our team today using the chat feature at the bottom of our site, or, by emailing sales (@) zerionsoftware.com.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Move forward with confidence.

Here’s to a better way!

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