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How To Access External Data in iFormBuilder: New HTTP Request Element

Jun 24, 2022

On a typical day we’re continuously taking in data from all directions and it can be overwhelming; inventory, inspections, employee databases, accounting systems, and the list goes on. Sound familiar?

We understand that it’s important for our users to have their data come together with iForm and be accessible at any time. Previously, users were stuck with large lookup tables and smart table search, but that can be tedious and time consuming.

The solution? iFormBuilder’s new HTTP Request element.

The HTTP Request element is our first online only element that pulls external data into iFormBuilder through web-accessible APIs; data stays on the server and can be requested as needed so it’s fast and customizable to your use case.

Customer Success Team Lead, Jonathan Hsu, recognizes the value and the impact this new element will have, “Our customers need to be able to see their data in the field. This element opens that possibility in a way that is clean, efficient, and acknowledges the advantages of connectivity when available.”

This new element brings us to a time of discovery, but here are a few examples to get started:

  • Lookup Previously Submitted Records: Check if a specific record has been created already to avoid record duplication.
  • Current Weather Query: Use the Location element to pass latitude and longitude to open source weather API.
  • View Site History: Review previously collected data by site location.
  • Check for Unique Value: Determine if the value is unique before uploading to the server.
  • ]Scan Data for Lookup: Use the Manatee element to pass a barcode value to a data API and return the corresponding record in iFormBuilder.

These examples are just a preview of what is possible. This element will grow as our customer stories grow and we’re excited to see where it takes you.

Visit our Customer Success Center to learn more about applying the HTTP Request element or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss your specific use case.

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