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Maximizing Food Safety: Top 10 Ways iFormBuilder Can Enhance Inspections and Ensure Compliance

Feb 8, 2023

Food safety inspections are essential to ensuring that food products are safe for consumption and that food establishments are in compliance with regulations. From large, international franchises, to catering groups and beyond food service teams have found multiple innovative uses for the iFormBuilder platform.

There are many ways in which iFormBuilder can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of food safety inspections, check out the top 10, below:

1. Mobile Data Collection (Our Core Functionality)
iFormBuilder allows for easy data collection through the use of mobile forms. Inspectors can fill out forms on smartphones or tablets while they’re on-site, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

2. Total Customization
iFormBuilder allows for the creation of custom forms that can be tailored to specific food safety inspection needs. This allows for the capture of accurate and complete data for every inspection.

3. Real-time Data Syncing
Real time syncing allows for immediate access to the data, enabling faster decision making and reducing the time to report on the inspection results. Some customers move further, toward custom reports and more.

4. Image and Signature Capture
iFormBuilder allows for the capture of images and signatures in the mobile forms, which enables inspectors to document non-compliances, defects or other observations on site, and also providing evidence of compliance or non-compliance.

5. Automated Scoring and Violation Tracking
iFormBuilder allows for automated scoring and violation tracking (customized during implementation), which makes it easy to identify areas of non-compliance, and to track progress in correcting them.

6. Integration with Temperature Tracking Tools
food temperature is important at all points of food production, from shipping to final preparation. Utilizing bluetooth thermometer integrations, food service teams can ensure safety guidelines and regulations are met at all times.

7. Automated Notifications
With iFormBuilder, it’s easy to set up automated notifications and reminders for inspections. This allows for scheduling inspections to be more efficient and reducing the risk of missed inspections.

8. Multi-User Access
iFormBuilder supports multiple users and permissions. This allows multiple inspectors to access and fill out the forms and also allows supervisors to access the data and monitor the inspections.

9. Data Export and Reporting
iFormBuilder allows for data export and reporting, which makes it easy to generate reports on inspection results and to share the results with relevant parties.

10. Compliance Tracking
With iFormBuilder, it’s easy to track compliance with various food safety regulations and guidelines. This helps ensure that food establishments are in compliance and reduces the risk of food safety incidents.

To put it simply, iFormBuilder is a powerful tool that can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of food safety inspections. By providing mobile data collection, customizable forms, real-time data syncing, image and signature capture, automated scoring and violation tracking, integration with GIS data, automated notifications, multi-user access, data export and reporting and compliance tracking, it can help ensure that food establishments are in compliance with regulations, and that food products are safe for consumption.

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