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New Media Storage Integrations: OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive

Jul 19, 2021

Where you store your data matters.

A typical day revolves around hundreds of files — notes from your team meeting are stored in Google Drive, your recent media files are saved to DropBox and that file you downloaded from a customer saved to your desktop. Sound familiar? We’re swimming in data and it adds difficulty to the equation when it’s not always possible to have control over where our data is stored.

We understand that not all users fit into the same box, and instead we’re here to continually grow iFormBuilder to meet your needs. That’s why we’ve introduced 3 new media storage integrations to help you and your team eliminate the loss of data by storing all media files in a single location.OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive integrations are now live and ready for you to save all collected photos, drawings, signatures and audio recordings from iFormBuilder.
If you have an existing account with any of our media integrations it only takes a few seconds to link your account inside the iFormBuilder Portal and set as default storage location.

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