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You Asked, We Listened: Public Links Have Arrived!

Apr 5, 2021

We love listening to the way customers work with iFormBuilder. From various industries around the world, we’ve heard about ways data collection has become more efficient, duplicate manual efforts have been reduced and pen, paper, and clipboards have been removed from the collection and reporting process altogether. It is exciting stuff.

But, over the years, we’ve had the same request come up time and time again, especially from groups who have data collection needs that are both internal and more public facing: a need for public links.

Great news: Public Links are now available!

As of today, interested iFormBuilder customers – both existing and new – will be able to access Webforms for data collection without a username and/or password. This feature expands capabilities for:

  • “Survey-like” data collection.
  • Large groups with rotating users who do not require personalized log-ins.
  • Collecting information from the public for specific endeavors.

And more.

“We are thrilled to release Public Links to the iFormBuilder community,” explained Zerion Software CEO Sze Wong. “Our users have asked for ways to enhance the way they gather data, expanding their capabilities along with the platform’s capabilities. We are pleased to answer these requests and cannot wait to see the possibilities of just what iFormBuilder can do for our customer community based on this new feature. The feedback of Public Links’ Beta release were extremely positive.”

What are Public Links?

In short, Public Links makes Webforms accessible to data collectors without requiring them to have a username and/or password. This is achieved by creating a link to a particular form that allows collectors with the link to access Webforms through his or her computer and collect records. This is a great way to improve existing workflows or expand use cases. 

How to access Public Links:

Existing iFormBuilder customer (company) will receive 100 monthly Public Links uses for free. Existing customers wishing to purchase additional Public Link submissions, can reach out to Zerion Software support by emailing support@zerionsoftware.com.

Non-customers wishing to enhance the way they work with data, from initial data collection forward can learn more about iFormBuilder and Public Links by visiting www.ZerionSoftware.com, or, emailing sales@zerionsoftware.com.

What About Pricing?

Pricing is flexible, based on volume. To see specific rates based on your teams needs, visit our Public Links webpage!

Have more specific questions about what Public Links could do for your team? Check out our documentation.

As always, our team is always available to chat on our site (see the button on the bottom right of this screen), or via email. If you have questions, concerns, or want to run full speed ahead, contact us today!

Here’s to a better way!

Adam Smith’s famous book, The Wealth of Nations, published in Great Britain in 1776, distinguished between the outputs of what he termed “productive” and “unproductive” labor

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