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Zerion Software and Ag Groups: A Winning Combination

May 3, 2021

When it comes to data-related needs – whether that means collecting data, creating forms, equipping field teams, sorting and analyzing data, viewing reports or something else altogether – knowing what you need or where to turn can be, well, challenging.

This is especially true for groups in the Agricultural space performing seed trials: finding that perfect seed trial software fit often seems like an insurmountable task.

We understand.

So do others. In fact, that’s why hundreds of companies have sprung up throughout the last few years that are designed to help companies like yours solve specific, data-related problems. You’ve probably heard of a few of them, you’ve probably even looked into them if you’ve been looking for ways to change the way your team works with data, to eliminate data-related errors, to create deliverables for customers for specific seed trials, or to move past dated, inefficient data collection and reporting processes.

After looking into all the options that exist, at the end of the day, you might feel even more confused than when you started the search in the first place. It might feel tempting to trust a big name that sounds familiar to move forward.

Once again, we get it. That’s why we’d like to share a little more about what we do, and how we help teams just like yours in a way that “big” names just can’t.

Back to the Beginning.

Before looking at “today,” it might be best to share why we, Zerion, got started in the first place.

Over a decade ago, we recognized an issue: many teams (like today) were still working with data using a pen and paper. This created many problems from erroneous information and falsified records to lost data timely and inefficient, time-consuming methods of working with data post-collection. Frustration was high in each industry we explored – engineering, manufacturing, food service, agriculture, healthcare, and more.

While solutions existed that could help in certain areas, most of these solutions lacked the flexibility that industry-leading groups needed to truly implement and see change.

So, we jumped in. We started listening to the needs of potential customers and putting together custom solutions, starting with iFormBuilder, that would help alleviate pain points and drive real, measurable improvement.

As time went on, our team created other solutions, ranging from custom dashboards to reports and more. We started moving past data collection to full mobile data solutions. Our existing customers grew and others jumped in anxious to see results of their own.

One of the industries that saw major improvements from the start – as you’re probably getting the picture – was agriculture.

Which Brings Us to Today

Today, our team is just as passionate (if not more) about listening to customers, understanding the problems they face and designing solutions that are game-changers.

We integrate with existing programs, believe in trust no one security measures that protect our customers’ most valuable asset – data – and continue to release features that meet the current and future needs of those we work with.

While our name might not be familiar, you’ve probably interacted with our solutions.  Zerion has implemented solutions for global organizations and industries that help make life better for those companies and for those who trust them, like you.

Names in the agricultural space that have relied on our software include:

Groups performing seed trials have seen measurable improvements, ranging from a reduction in data-entry errors, an eliminated need to reenter information back in the office, and custom outputs and deliverables for customers.

What This Means For You

If you’re looking for a better way to work with data, and are unsure of whether a solution is able to meet your needs, we’d love to talk to you. It is our commitment and responsibility to listen and propose solutions that you need, not just pieces of a bundle that might be helpful at some point in the future.

We don’t take this lightly and don’t think you should either. But, the bottom line is this: there’s a better way to work with data and to use it to drive your business forward. We believe we could be a part of it and that is exciting.

Let’s learn together what that might look like, starting today. If you’re ready to find a better way to work with data, start a conversation with one of our team members using the chat button at the bottom of our site, or, email sales (@) zerionsoftware.com, today.

Here’s to a better way!

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