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Dudek relies on Zerion to document potential impacts to wildlife and viability of wind farms, solar plants and other initiatives, through the monitoring of over 100 species in a given area.

Dudek is an environmental engineering consulting firm that assists clients in implementing programs to monitor land that has been set aside for wildlife species.

Using Zerion’s iFormBuilder, field teams are able to gather accurate data on hundreds of animal species in each session, with no manual input, the ability to capture photos and more. Learn more:


Documenting potential impacts to wildlife, Dudek engineers often monitor each species of an animal spotted in an area, time, location, size, and behaviors in the habitat. This helps determine the viability of building a wind farm, solar plant, or any action that might impact an area. Over a seven hour period, engineers may collect several items of information on over  100+ animal species; potentially accumulating thousands of points of data.

Before Zerion

Dudek collected data traditionally with pen and paper.  With this method of data collection, issues often arose in entering data correctly and in a timely manner. Not to mention that sometimes one engineer would enter the information within one sub-category, while another engineer might document that information elsewhere. Often, the filtering of data was not only time-consuming, but frustrating, with a lower return on investment.

Using Zerion

Dudek found that using the iFormBuilder platform  as a solution has eliminated many of the previous problems they had been faced with. One person can now do the work of two or three people in less time. Project Manager Kamarul Muri added:“With iForm, we were able to get up and running without any prior experience or expertise in databases or applications.” – Kamarul Muri, Dudek Project Manager

Muri added that Dudek is especially helped by iForm’s ultra disconnected data collection features.

“Our sites are located in areas that are pretty remote, with no data service or connectivity … So its pretty key that we had a solution that was able to regardless of the conditions out there.” – Kamarul Muri, Dudek Project Manager

Watch the video above to learn how Zerion’s Data Collector is helping transform engineering and GIS management.

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