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Jacobs used Zerion to build 61 forms with 1,200 elements, streamlining the rebuilding process following New Zealand earthquakes.

Since the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in Canterbury, New Zealand, SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) has been rebuilding the city. This purpose-built alliance was tasked with the responsibility of repairing Cristchurch city’s badly damaged, publicly-owned horizontal infrastructure which includes roads, retaining walls and bridges, and fresh water, wastewater, and storm water pipes.


During the rebuild process, it was evident that information needed to be recorded and it needed to be done in an easy and streamlined way. Discovering the iFormBuilder platform was a good solution for the team, they created their portal which included 61 forms and 1,200 elements — something that couldn’t be done manually.

Jacobs’ consultants, including Ekkehard Scheffler, joined the SCIRT alliance when it was established in 2011, working alongside members of owner participant organizations, major construction companies, and other consultancies. Jacobs was heavily involved with the setup and development of the SCIRT GIS system which now includes the usage of iFormBuilder for post-construction survey data collection.

With SCIRT repairing and rebuilding about 25% of Christchurch’s three-waters-network, there is an enormous amount of survey data to be collected and delivered by SCIRT. By the end of 2016, some 50,000 newly installed assets will have to be accounted for. For the data of each individual asset type, a number of requirements must be met, including mandatory attribute information, spatial accuracies, and geometry rules. The iFormBuilder application and API were introduced to help contractors collect survey data as per SCIRT specifications and to ease the process of SCIRT’s project handover.

Watch the clip above or download the slides to see how they are using the platform, or watch the entire recording to see how four different teams are using the API and iFormBuilder platform.

About the Presenter

Ekkehard Scheffler is a GIS consultant, currently working for Jacobs Engineering New Zealand. Ekki loves exploring New Zealand’s great outdoors and breathtaking landscapes. At work he enjoys developing innovative and smart solutions in the fields of GIS, BI, data management, data collection and processing. He focuses on adding efficiencies and technical enhancement through process integration and automation.  Connect with Ekki on LinkedIn or via email.

Photo credit: Dieter Steinegg, Christchurch City Council

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