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Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District uses iFormBuilder to streamline their data collection processes — strengthening mosquito control across the county and protecting citizens from vectors and vector-borne illnesses.

Mosquitos are more than pests. Known for carrying a variety of illnesses and contaminants, in some areas of the country, they pose a major public health concern. This is true in Orange County, California, and is why the Orange County Mosquito Control District exists.

The mission of the organization is to provide the citizens of Orange County with the highest possible level of protection from vectors and vector-borne illnesses.

The Project

The Orange County Mosquito Control District needed to create a system that would allow for transparency and interdepartmental collaboration. It needed to help collect, store, search and report on data, streamlining the entire process to improve both efficiency and productivity.

The system would be used by over 100 individuals with the purpose of enhancing mosquito control across the county, starting with better data.

The Process and Results

Prior to iFormBuilder, data was captured and stored in multiple platforms including Excel, SQL, ESRI and more. The process was cumbersome and data analysis was a constant challenge.

The team turned to Zerion for support, especially interested in iFormBuilder’s Sandbox environment, designed to provide a secure testing environment that would support creators in building and modifying custom solutions to fit the organization’s specific needs.

The process begins when a service request comes from the public, starting an automated dataflow. The service request is assigned to a technician in the operations department, who collects information in the field. That data is compiled by the lab. Then, automated reports are created to provide powerful, real-time information and results allowing for follow-up and other actions.

From a technical standpoint, data collected in iFormBuilder is integrated with the organization’s on-premise SQL database. This allows developers to build custom reporting solutions to meet the District’s specific needs.

Today, the organization enjoys convenient access to data immediately after field collection, without the delays they used to face due to multiple solution and storage solutions. Additionally, the team can better share information between departments.

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