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Richfords Fire & Flood Restoration uses iFormBuilder to help with the recovery of business and home life following destructing events. They rely on the power of API to pull and post data to their existing system, pre-populated forms, lookup tables, option lists and more to strengthen their processes.

Improving Workflows

After experiencing a fire or flood in your home or office, it is vital that you feel comfortable with the restoration firm you hire.

Richfords Fire & Flood Restoration is a damage restoration firm committed to the recovery of business and home life following destructing events. Previously, they were using the pen and paper method to capture the event and restoration details. With this method, Richfords IT system was unable to keep up.

In 2015, Richfords was expanding its existing systems to keep up with their demands. Their initial plan was to redevelop their software as an Android application so that their technicians could use it to collect and convey information. After realizing the cost and development time was a detriment to the business, Richfords sought out to look for alternative platforms that would allow for rapid development and deployment.


Deciding on iFormBuilder was not a difficult decision after seeing that the platform was flexible enough to allow for a data flow through the API into their existing system. The initial iFormBuilder project they launched was developed to allow the technicians to submit electronic time sheets. In this timesheet project, pick lists of staff and projects were developed. With this workflow, as staff is added to the system, they are segmented into categories/departments option lists. When a user makes a selection from this option list, they then see a list of projects segmented to suit their needs.

These option lists are constantly evolving and may change on a daily basis. Because of this, Tom Rowland, a Richfords IT team leader starting using the iFormBuilder API to update and create option lists. Since the initial deployment, the team is using the API to pull and post data to their existing system, create pre-populated forms, lookup tables, and option lists.

Ultimately, their workflow allows for less paper, fewer phone calls, and a drastic reduction in repetitive tasks. Watch the clip above or download the slides to learn about their workflow, or watch the entire recording to see how four different teams are using the API and iFormBuilder platform.

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