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San Diego Unified School District used Zerion to implement a mobile classroom observation process, evaluating several factors to track student and faculty engagement.

City Heights Educational Collaborative (CHEC) is a partnership between San Diego Unified School district, San Diego State University, Price Charities and  the San Diego Teachers Association.

The partnership was created as a community redevelopment project, engaging community partnerships to offer unique and powerful educational services, leading to successful students moving forward. An important part of their process was taking place in the classroom, with engagement between students and teachers — the more engaged the parties were, the better and more successful the results.

However, finding a way to track engagement in the classroom, without multiple paper forms, duplicate manual input efforts, sorting, processing and reporting was a challenge, until the Collaborative turned to Zerion.

Before Zerion

The Collaborative began an important classroom observation process, evaluating several different factors. Using paper forms, binders, and clipboards, observers noted items such as student-to-teacher speaking ratio, display of students work, etc.

The process between evaluation, copying down the observation on survey sheets, and inputting the information to an online system was wedged in between other administrative activities. Sometimes the reviews and observations would not make it in to the system.  The teacher may not receive their review for several weeks.

While the observation was helpful, the delay between the classroom visit and the feedback to the teacher could be frustrating for everyone.

Using Zerion

With iFormBuilder’s flexible and powerful forms system, the process has been reduced from weeks and days, to hours and minutes. As CHEC Director of Evaluation Dr. Michael Corke states:
“The beauty of iFormBuilder is that it cuts through the data entry process and gets us right to the reporting.” – Dr. Michael Corke, CHEC Director of Evaluation
Thomas Liberto, Principal of the Monroe Clark Middle School agrees, remarking that iForm’s process makes accountability and review a better, speedier process:
“With one push of a button, I can send one copy of the report to myself, the teacher, department head … everyone who is part of the team.” – Thomas Liberto, Principal of the Monroe Clark Middle School

Watch the video above to learn how Zerion helped transform the education world.

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