SOC 2 Type 2 Certfication.

We have successfully completed the Service Organizational Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit. This audit validates that Zerion Software and our flagship products, iFormBuilder and Dataflow Automation, meet strict SOC 2 standards relating to data security practices, policies, procedures, and operations.
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Achieving the Highest Standards

This certification is in line with our detailed security approach. We strive to continually improve our security posture by conducting internal and external reviews of our security mechanisms. This gives us insight into current best practices along with information on the latest known security vulnerabilities. It also builds upon our Zero Trust workflow architecture already in place to protect data at all times.

Adds an additional level of transparency by verifying the internal controls our company has in place.
Provides a thorough review of how these controls affect the security, processing, and privacy of information passed through Zerion Software platforms and tools.

Relevant to customers — and potential customers — that operate in highly-regulated industries, and who rely on third-party software solution providers.

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